About the Pottery

Polish pottery comes from the town of Bolesławiec in the southwestern region of Poland called Silesia. This region has been the center of dispute throughout its history – sometimes this caused Bolesławiec to land in Germany (called Bunzlau), and other times as part of Poland. This area has high quality clay that is mined to create Polish pottery stoneware. The clay is formed and fired at an extremely high temperature. After the initial firing, the pieces are hand-stamped and painted by local artisans. The designs are made from sea sponges that are hand-cut by the artists. Once the paint dries, a glaze is applied and the piece re-fired. The final product is a functional and beautiful piece of art that can be used everyday.


Care and Use

All of the pottery we carry can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer. Please avoid drastic temperature changes (e.g. taking a baker from the freezer and putting it directly into a heated oven). The pottery is lead and cadmium free.


Traditional Patterns vs UNIKAT (aka Unique)

All Polish pottery is handmade, therefore all of the pieces are unique in their own way. UNIKAT pieces, though, are stamped/painted by highly skilled artists which can be seen in the detail and amazing designs. Every piece will have a factory stamp on the bottom with “Handmade in Poland”. UNIKAT pieces will sometimes have the artists signature, but will always have “UNIKAT” stamped as well.