Touch of Poland visit to Bolesławic factories!

Katherine Simmons

We had the pleasure of meeting with several factory owners in Bolesławiec, Poland, and got to see how the pottery is made. As you will see, the entire process of making Polish Pottery is completely done by hand which demonstrates the value of this functional art work.

Green ware trimmed and edges smoothed:



Waiting for the first firing:



Talented painters with steady hands decorate the stoneware with stamps and brushes:



Handles being applied with great precision:



After the paint is dried, the stoneware is dipped in a glaze and then fired at 1250 degrees Celsius:



This is how the pottery looks after it comes out of the kiln. They are cleaned up and ready for final inspection:



Here are a few other pictures of interesting sights!



It was a quick and busy trip, but it was filled with meeting wonderful people and seeing the beautiful pieces of pottery!

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