Wondering Where to Buy Polish Pottery?

Katherine Simmons

Your friends had you over for dinner the other night and you noticed a bit of unique kitchenware. Needless to say, you immediately fell in love. After a bit of investigation, you discover that your friends are the proud owners of Polish dinnerware. They served you some homemade beef burgundy stew in their Polish bowls and a slice of cake on their Polish dinner plates. After-dinner coffee was served in Polish tea cups.

Of course now you’re wondering where to buy Polish pottery for your own home. If only there were an online Polish pottery shop where you could find the perfect item to suit your particular needs!

Introducing Touch of Poland!

Regardless of how you first found out about it, we offer a wide selection of handmade Polish pottery in our online shop. There’s something for everyone and we’re proud to offer a collection of bowls, plates, mugs, bakeware, cups, decor, and more!

A situation like the one we laid out above is an easy one to fall into.

As a matter of fact, we discovered this form of unique dinnerware in much the same way. Opening a kitchen cabinet in the home of some of our friends on a trip to visit them in Egypt led to our discovery of this particular type of pottery. Needless to say, we all immediately fell in love with it.

Feel free to read our full story to learn about all of the details. At the end of the day, we knew that we wanted to offer Polish pottery for sale so that others could experience the amazing pottery and glassware for themselves.

What Makes It So Different?

The pottery you’ll find on our website all comes from the town of Bolesławiec and each piece is handmade. You can use it in your oven, microwave, and freezer and every piece is also safe to be used in your dishwasher. In short, you end up with some truly unique kitchenware that is made to stand the test of time. You can’t say the same for the dishes you’d get at the big box store down the street. The items you’ll find on our website, however, is heirloom-quality and it’s made to be used and handed down in your family for generations to come.

Of course all of the items you’ll find on our website are also available in a number of different color and pattern options, ensuring that you’re able to get a functional piece that you will use in a design that you will absolutely love. It doesn’t get much better than that!

No matter what it is that draws you to Polish dinnerware, you’re sure to find plenty of items to love at Touch of Poland. Take a look at our entire collection to find a product that you like, then be sure to check out the colors and patterns that we have in stock. Regardless of what you end up with, it’s sure to put a smile on your face. Order yours today!

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