A Couple Unique Uses for Our Unique Kitchenware

Katherine Simmons

You know us for our decorative pottery that’s making kitchens and dining rooms all around the world more interesting places to be. At Touch of Poland, we believe that everything we bring into our homes should be either useful or beautiful. Fortunately, the products you’ll find here on our website are both of those things!

The handmade pottery and dinnerware is made with a specific purpose in mind, but it kind of got us to thinking. What if there are more uses for our unique kitchenware than just in the kitchen? That brainstorming session led to this post, so if you’re looking for cute kitchen items that can do double duty, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to see our suggestions!

The Best Kitchen Accessories Have Multiple Uses

5” Round Baker With Open Handles

The ideal baker for making a single serving, this product is a favorite of ours. It’s also available in a number of colors and patterns, ensuring that everyone can find one that they love! And while it serves its purpose as a baker, it would also be a cute bowl to set out near your home’s entryway as a place to set your keys and anything you’re carrying in your pocket. What better way to be greeted after a long day at work than with something as cute as this?

Large Low Tankard

Perfect to use for hot soup, hot cocoa, hot coffee, or a cold beer, the large low tankard is one of our favorites here at Touch of Poland. And while it is great when used for its intended purpose, we have given it new life as the home for a beautiful succulent. We love succulents because they add a bit of green to our homes without requiring much care at all. Give them a bit of sunlight and even less water and they’ll look great for as long as you own them!

Of course you could also use the tankard as a vase for a few fresh flowers from your garden and it would work just as well. It’s a win/win all around!

Order Yours Today

At the end of the day, whether you use the decorative pottery you’ll find on our site for its intended use, for a use we’ve pointed out in today’s post, or for something else we haven’t thought of, we think you will absolutely love what you find at Touch of Poland.

Take a look at our entire collection of unique kitchenware and order yours today!

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